Oxford Commas and Contract Review

Gurinder Sangha, a lawyer and entrepreneur, has developed technology to allow lawyers to find ambiguities in contracts and other documents to help avoid loopholes and inconsistencies in the document.  The technology stems from the drafting nightmare that was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ObamaCare).  More information about Sangha’s vision and the technology he has developed is available here.

Sangha’s technology is innovative.   As an attorney, Sangha understands that a drafter’s word choice or comma placement can make or break a contract and resulting relationship. (Take a look at the classic Oxford Comma dilemma here.)   He recognizes the importance of sound legal advice, while recognizing that unintentional drafting errors can cause confusion and cost parties time and legal fees.

The need for the technology underscores the need for thorough contract review during all stages of the contract: drafting, review, negotiation, implementation, and enforcement.  Having an attorney assist you throughout these stages may help to avoid future disputes.

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