Small Business Disaster Prepartion

I have lived in the Houston area for a little over seven years.   Hailing from the Northeast, I never really understood what hurricane season is or the damage that heavy rains and flooding can do.  Now that I live here, I get it.  I also understand how important it is for everyone, including businesses – and especially small businesses – to be prepared for these events.  A little preparation may mean the difference between some down time and having to close down.

The Small Business Administration provides advice and assistance to small businesses across the country, including recommendations to prepare for these events, to be given via webinar.

Similarly, businesses – especially small businesses – need to protect themselves legally, whether its ensuring that contracts are drafted properly or to seek advice regarding a legal dispute.  Like anything else, a little preparation can save you time and money.

If you would like to discuss how our office can assist you or your business, please contact us at (281) 370-1810.