Practice Areas

JVG LAW, PLLC is a full service law firm.  Joseph V. Gibson has handled numerous lawsuits and arbitration in Texas and other states throughout the U.S.

JVG LAW, PLLC represents individuals and entities for various legal needs including, but not limited to, Business Law, Wills & Estate Planning, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Title, Corporate Formation (LLC/PC), Contract Review, Debt Collection, and Litigation.

JVG LAW, PLLC also provides in house counsel services for small businesses including ongoing consultation, document drafting/review, legal research, legal analysis, legal correspondence, and legal support.

JVG LAW, PLLC also assists clients with title research, curative work, preparation of legal documents for real estate transactions, and estate planning.

JVG LAW, PLLC offers a free initial consultation for up to 30 minutes.  Any services beyond the initial consultation are billed at an hourly rate, flat rate, or on a contingency in accordance with our fee schedule.

Business / Commercial Law

JVG LAW, PLLC helps clients with various types of business formations, including Corps, LPs, LLCs, series LLCs, Professional Practices, and Non-Profits. We also help with small business support, including contracts, legal research, and other legal services.


JVG LAW, PLLC handles various types of commercial litigation including contract disputes, DTPA claims, partnership or shareholder disputes, debt collections, tortious interference, and unjust negative reviews.


JVG LAW, PLLC helps clients get Guardianship appointments, particularly Special Needs Guardianships, for families with Special Needs children that are turning age eighteen (18).

Personal Injury / Product Liability

If you have suffered injuries in an accident due to a defective product or the negligence of others, The Law Office of Joseph V. Gibson, P.C. can help you pursue your legal rights. JVGPC handles a variety of personal injury cases including, but not limited to: car accidents, industrial accidents, construction accidents, burn injuries, electrocution, amputation, defective products, mass torts, premises liability, accidents, and wrongful death.

Real Estate

JVG LAW, PLLC provides numerous real estate legal services including deeds, contracts, financial documents, purchase and sale agreements, for sale by owner transactions, easements, lease negotiations, landlord tenant disputes, liens, zoning issues, title disputes, and title curative work.

Title/Fee Office for Post Oak Title

Title curative work encompasses a set of procedures used to “cure” defects in chains of title, such as correcting instruments that are erroneous or ambiguous. The process is focused on whether the actual use and possession of the real property is consistent with record title. Once ownership is established, an attorney often memorializes title information in a Title Opinion. Unresolved items in the Title Opinion may result in the necessity of curing such issues.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

JVG LAW, PLLC helps clients with their estate planning needs including Wills, Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Medical and Financial POAs, Physician’s Directive, Guardianship appointments, and HIPAA releases. We also handle probate matters.

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Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Public Servants, and for Individuals and Parents of Individuals with Special Needs

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