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JVG LAW, PLLC helps clients with various types of business formations, including Corps, LPs, LLCs, series LLCs, Professional Practices, and Non-Profits.  We also help with small business support, including contracts, legal research, and other legal services.


  • Business Formations – JVG LAW, PLLC can help you form the business necessary to meet your personal and professional needs. The types of businesses we form include Corporations, Limited Partnerships, LLCs, series LLCs, Professional Practices, and Non-Profit Corporations.  We can also assist you with terminating or reinstating a business.


  • Legal Services Support Package – JVG LAW, PLLC offers on demand legal service packages for small businesses looking for dedicated outside/general counsel. The packages start at $275 a month. Services include: Contract/document review, Legal analysis, correspondence, & phone calls, Ongoing legal consultation, attendance at board meetings, access to our dedicated legal team, and 15% discount on other legal services.


  • Healthcare Law – JVG LAW, PLLC is dedicated to giving health care providers customized care and services on legal issues and concerns relating to the medical and health care industry. Our firm provides representation to individual physicians as well as large medical and health care practices that encounter payment problems with insurance companies.


  • FEES – See JVG LAW, PLLC’s Current Fee Schedule

*Ask about pricing for Senior Citizens, Individuals Over 55, Active Duty Military,
Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Public Servants, and for Individuals and Parents of Individuals with Special Needs

*Ask about pricing for Lifestyles Unlimited Members

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